Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lost Camera found

Wow--I am so impressed by my sewing group! We all stay in touch by email through the week, and one member of the group found a lost camera in San Francisco. She researched the photos on the digital screen, and with the help of friends and family, figured out that a vacationing family from Hawaii had lost it.

The Dad is apparently in the Air Force, and we got his division from a photo of the plane he was standing next to. A photo of a child in a Halloween costume wearing a nametag yielded the family name. And there were lovely baby photos from 2008--would have hated to see these get lost.

Then one intrepid researcher in our group googled the name and discovered the family's website announcing the birth of their youngest child. Comparisons of the photos on the site to the photos on the camera confirm this is the right family. The ladies were so fast solving this mystery, it was all figured out before I'd even seen the email thread--less than 3 hours! All there is left for me to do is to sing their praises and chronicle this feat in my blog. Well done! I love a happy ending!

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