Monday, March 16, 2009

Lunch Break

Had a lovely lunch with 2 friends from a former work life. So much of this blog has been focused on kids (and gardening--whodathunkit?) that I want to see if I am capable of writing a post on some other topic. There is not much left of my life after I exclude work and kids as discussion topics. In fact, there seems not to be much of ME left once you take those 2 ingredients out.

Which is food for thought, as my lunch was with 2 girlfriends who are both single and childfree. Both have pets, but did not spend any time talking about them. (To be fair, I didn't ask, either--though they were polite enough to ask about my offspring) I tried to get off the topic of my boys quickly, as I am always concerned that childfree people must get tired of hearing about other people's kids.

We discussed diets, politics, gardening, and the economy. My friends looked healthy and well. We are all a bit stressed about work, but grateful to be employed. No one has a monster boss, so I would call that thriving. All 3 of us were enjoying a "work-from-home" day--a great offshoot of ubiquitous high-speed internet. We would not have been able to meet for lunch like this otherwise, as we work in San Jose, San Mateo, and San Francisco otherwise.

We did discuss Facebook a bit, and contrasted that to blogging. I don't do Facebook, but my 2 friends found it handy as a way to stay in touch and re-connect with people. More personal than Linked-In, and with privacy measures that allow you to restrict who sees your content. I may just have to check it out. I did garner 2 recommended blogs to read: Tech for Luddites and Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. Both are very interesting--check 'em out!

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