Sunday, March 15, 2009

Why carrots?

OK, so I discovered today that DH objects to having a vegetable garden in the front. Blueberries and strawberries are acceptable, as they are somewhat ornamental...but not carrots.

I expressed concern that Barley wants to plant carrots, and I am not sure they will fit in the Earthboxes we ordered. A friend did suggest baby ball carrots, which are fatter and not as deep, so we may try these. Anyway, as I tried to persuade DH to change his mind on the aesthetics for the sake of our youngest, he pointed out--"You know why he wants to plant carrots, don't you?" I had assumed my choosy eater had named one of the few vegetables he can bear to eat. Not the case. "Barley, why did you want to plant carrots, honey?" "Cuz I wanna see bunny rabbits!!"

LOL, oh dear. We live in the heart of suburbia. I don't think there are any wild rabbits around here...

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