Tuesday, April 7, 2009

At least he was listening

So, getting Barley to Cub Scouts was not a pleasant task tonight. I think I've hit my quota for the week for snotty and surly remarks from children shorter than me. And he was *just* as pleasant on the way home. Some days, "Bedtime!" just has the nicest ring to it, doesn't it?

On the upside, he was excited about showing his Dad the the book cover he made at the den meeting, and he read his free book, Horrid Henry (how ironic), for his bedtime reading. As I was turning the lights out, Barley was telling Teddy how EASY it is to make a book cover--and he told him STEP-by-STEP:

(First you cut off the bottom of the paper bag, then you lay it flat and put the book in the middle. Then you fold down the top, and then you fold up the bottom. Then you know what you do next? You fold in one side, then the other, and you put the book inside the corners. And then you can DRAW on it! How cool is that?)

Teddy agreed that was very cool. For those who need illustrated directions, try this link.

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