Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogging about blogging

Ok, so I have a presentation I must finish tonight, but as usual, I am obsessing about what interesting thing I can blog today instead. Nothing. Nada. A day full of work, some kid friction thrown in, and just nothing I can sink my teeth into. DH and Teddy might think the homemade garlic bread I attempted using 7 cloves of crushed garlic on one baguette would be memorable enough to blog about. However, I was the only one willing to eat it, and now really regret it after brushing my teeth and many peppermint candies are making no dent on the after-taste. I think I'd rather not dwell on tonight's dinner...

So I'll cop out and send you to read another blog entry instead. This post about making friends, and housekeeping priorities, is so well-written that it makes me despair of ever writing as well. I only hope a few of my posts will be interesting enough that someday, other bloggers will reference them and say, "she said it perfectly!" (Of course, I would have to go public with this blog first...)

I also heartily recommend any of the blogs on the right under my "Life Blog List". Some are more Korean focused, and most all have parenting as a main theme since that is where my life is right now.

There are other blogs listed below too, arranged by area of interest: local bloggers whom I know, knitting, art, technology. Feel free to comment and recommend blogs you read--I'm always looking for good excuses to avoid, good material to expand my horizons!

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