Thursday, April 23, 2009

Same-Sex Marriage blog

So, I've been haunting Facebook lately, and reconnecting with several old friends. It is amazing to find old college or high school friends and fast-forward 20+ years to learn how their lives have turned out. It feels like cheating to me, as if I am jumping to the middle of a novel to find out what happened next to the main character.

Anyway, I was sad to learn one old college friend has just lost his husband in the last month. His daily Facebook statuses document the emotional ups and downs of his grief. Very poignant.

It is strange, in some ways, because I haven't seen him since we graduated. He was this awkward, sometimes goofy theater major in my dorm, and although we all suspected it, he wasn't even fully out at the time I knew him. Suddenly, he is grieving his partner whom he spent more than a decade sharing a life with. It is like I just stepped through a time warp.

He wrote a great essay about same-sex marriage, and its impact when one spouse dies. Here is the link for those interested in reading it. He makes a good argument.

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