Sunday, May 24, 2009

Post Party Depression

Maybe it's the fact that Barley is sick. He has a perisistent cough, but no fever. His energy is low--he only annoyed his brother once today. Any time either of my sons gets quiet and falls asleep on the couch, I get WORRIED. Bouncing off the walls and driving us crazy is their natural state, so too much quiet means something is wrong.

Maybe it's the normal letdown after 2 intensely stressful weeks of work, with high stakes presentations galore, a customer onsite, and also a party at our house yesterday. All that adrenalin pumping, the short nights of sleep, and laser-tight focus on the NEXT THING I HAVE TO DO, might be causing some natural letdown in my body, now that the pressure is off. If I'd paid more attention in college biochemistry, I could tell you what chemical is missing. But I didn't.

Maybe it is because some of the people we don't see very often, didn't make the party this time. And while it was lovely to see the people who did show up, we still missed some of our friends.

Maybe it is because hosting parties are always much more work than the guests ever realize. If you're lucky, they are blissfully unaware of exactly how much of a disaster area your home usually is. So they wouldn't know the herculean effort that is required to make the place habitable, and at the same time plan a dinner large enough to feed up to 25 people (including one picky eater aka Barley), even though only 13 have actually confirmed. Of course good manners means pretending that your home always looks this good, so complaining about the huge effort to clean and get ready for the party would totally blow that cover story.

Maybe it is because I clicked on a link in a Facebook email from a friend, and found out that some evil spam virus forwarded an email to everyone in my Facebook account with the same evil link. One old friend notified me privately (how embarrassing!), and another friend called me and then warned all my friends with a warning not to click the link (that was even more embarrassing, but necessary).

Most likely, it is my monthly hormones, and when I check the calendar, it does seem possible this is some kind of cyclical funk, and I probably shouldn't read too much into all this. Unfortunately, this does not explain DH's matching melancholy. Sigh. I think I'll go to bed early tonight.

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  1. Sorry Honey. I'm sure some of it is hormonal (I know because we are eerily in sync in our timing) and just being tired. If it's any consolation, the food was very good. And there was no concern of running out!


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