Sunday, June 28, 2009

How hot was it?

It was over 100 degrees today, and it was SO HOT....
  • I had to use a cloth handkerchief as a potholder to drive my car
  • The refrigerated banana bread got nicely warmed up in the trunk of my car on the way to my book club meeting
  • My left arm (window) really regretted the lack of sunblock
  • My sunglasses were too hot to wear--I had to hang them on my air vents to cool them off before switching
Using my hanky as a potholder reminded me of a time a friend of mine misplaced his leather riding gloves. Returning home late at night, he opted to borrow another friend's oven mitts to protect his hands from windburn on the long ride home. He said he got a lot of funny looks at red lights.

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