Friday, June 5, 2009

One down, three more to go

June is a marathon.

The end of the school year approaches, and everything ends with a Bang! End of school year celebrations to show off all the students have learned, and field trips to help desperate teachers make it to the last day of school with a class full of children who suffer from one or all of the following conditions:
  1. Burnout: Stretched thin from 10 months of learning, these kids are READY to go. Their brains are full, and they can't stand the homework drill for one more boring day! Their friends at other schools are already out for the summer, why are they still locked in a classroom?
  2. Sleep-deprivation: Eager for summer vacation to start, these kids can't fall asleep at night because the days are so long. Bedtime? It's still bright out, who can sleep? The windows are open to let out the stifling heat because the air-conditioning doesn't reach the second floor well enough, and there is street noise keeping them awake. They want to stay up an hour later because the neighbor kids are still out on the street playing, and why can't we? How many days until summer freedom rings?!
  3. Anxiety: Whether they understand it or not, these children thrive on routine. And while they look forward to summer vacation too, they are partly anxious about the end of the daily school routine. Sure, they'll get to stay up later, and sleep in more, but every day will be a change in routine, and they just don't like that!
Oh, and as the school schedules end of year awards ceremonies, parties, and field do all the extra-curricular activities!

Cub Scout graduation night? Check. Oh, and remember to complete all the badge requirements before they move up to the next rank and start all over again.

Flag Football playoffs? Let's throw in an extra practice to get ready! And the pizza party will be right after the last game!

And summer plans are already beginning:
  • The pool is open, time for swim lessons!
  • Math Camp Orientation on Saturday
  • Cub Scout BBQ the following weekend
  • Have we doublechecked all the summer camp schedules to make sure there are no conflicts?
  • Could we squeeze in an evening cub camp to earn another badge over the summer? (At this point, DH looks at me like I have 3 heads, and asks, do the boys even WANT more badges? Ok...maybe we could skip that this summer..Ya think??!!?!)
No wonder I am counting down. One down, three more weeks of June to go.

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