Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Overheard in the car

We've been scrambling to find new summer camp for Teddy when his Spanish language immersion program was canceled by the district. One option we are looking at is a karate camp, since he has been asking to get back into that.

DH was discussing this option with Teddy in the car, and warned him to think about it from all angles. "You will be doing karate in camp and will have to pay attention. It won't be just fun and games all day."

At this point, Barley pipes in, gloating, "Yeah, it won't be all fun and games, Teddy! Not like MATH ENRICHMENT!"

OK, so we have some concerns about possibly over-high expectations for Math Camp on Barley's part. Especially since we learned the first book they will be reading for the Language Arts portion is one that Barley dislikes. Also, the camp has already started this Monday, and because our district is the last one to end the school year, Barley will be joining the class 3 days after all the other kids have already arrived.

Should be an interesting first day tomorrow.

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