Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Facebook Reunion

A wonderful thing happened yesterday. I got a letter from an old college friend, whom I have not been in touch with for about 10 years. She had written to our college alumni association, which respectfully did not share my address, but did agree to forward her letter. This was a bit surprising, since I had NO IDEA my college alumni association even knew where I was! I do not donate back, nor do I have a school affiliated credit card or bank account. These people have good sources!

Anyway, as soon as I got the forwarded letter, I of course picked up the phone and called her! We both screamed, talked too fast over each other, and logged onto Facebook. We raced to find each other's profiles, and once connected, exclaimed over the cuteness of each other's kids. It was a true multimedia reunion!

While searching for my friend's profile, I wrote on another old roommate's wall that I had heard from Kim, and got an email back during our phone call. I found myself in this weird, modern, 3-way telephone, FB, email conversation with 2 old college friends. The 4th roommate "finally" checked in by email 24 hours later, having missed all the excitement. My husband was quite amused that a mere 24 hours would count as someone arriving incredibly late in this age of instant contact.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about how FB is helping me keep in touch with my geographically diverse family. This was enough excitement for one post.

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