Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The Best Guests

It has been almost a week since I posted--we have been really busy around here! I'll blog more about the weekend's, I'm sure.

In the meantime, I just want to point out that I have discovered there are 2 types of guests who come to visit:

The first type are FRIENDS: lovely people who contribute to the meal; bringing salad, pasta, and gifts. Close friends who love us and remind us by their very presence why we love them so much. It was great to see them and share our big event.

The other type are...FAMILY. And apparently these also come in two types:

The GOOD Type: They bake soda bread, and scones, and share BBQ recipes involving foil, diced potatoes, and onions. They sneak into the kitchen when I am not looking and make it look clean and inviting, so the next meal is that much easier. They help with whatever task is needed, when the 8-arms I was issued as a mother are still not enough to feed the 18 people celebrating the day with us. As my brother always quipped to me growing up, "You're not a guest--you're family!" (Usually followed by, "Get it yourself, Sis!" I'm pretty sure he was just teasing...)

The OTHER Type of Family, we won't speak of, other than to pity them and the poor decisions they have made for their lives.

Fortunately, we were very blessed to have the Good Type of Family come and stay with us. It was like having my very own secret dish-washing fairies! Who knew they lived in Oregon and New York too? That blows the whole Left Coast theory my nephew keeps talking about!


  1. You're right, what a great weekend; getting to see both (good!) sides of our family getting to know each other and our closest friends a little was a real treat. So was just remembering that our siblings are always there for us, whether next door or thousands of miles away. Nothing we didn't already know, but it's still good to get the reminder!

  2. First off, the potato recepie is Maggie's so Dad is trying to get credit for stealing ideas. Secondly, Mom washes everything...even the sponges that she uses to clean abd will not take no for an answer...proud to call you all family


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