Monday, August 3, 2009

Boy, is DH going to love this!

So, I am totally slammed at work, and too tired to think it must be time to write a new post! Heh, I can procrastinate with the best of 'em--just ask my boss, or any of my college professors!

I am obsessing about a blog I discovered last week while contemplating the Constantly Seeking post I wrote. Seeking happiness is one of my life goals, and I pride myself on being intelligent and well-read. I have read a lot of tips, ideas, and methods for being happier, and on a night when I don't feel such grinding weight from work deadlines, I will expound further on what I have learned, and not learned yet.

So, this new blog: The Happiness Project, is being written by a woman on a mission to discover the true secret of happiness. And I am totally hooked. If it is true that at times we can choose to be happy, then learning to be happy is a skill well worth investing my time in. This blog has a lot of useful information on it.

I am reading the old postings in a random, haphazard fashion right now. Eventually, I will read them all, I imagine, being OCD at times (I hear you snickering out there!). One posting that caught my eye today was this one on counter intuitive strategies. These are things we may think would actually lead to us being less happy, when in fact, they increase our happiness. Huh.

The one that jumped out at me was #9. Stop nagging. Now, I've been doing this for the last month, and I have to admit, I am a bit happier. Mostly, I stopped because I was just too busy/tired, and it took more energy to remind DH yet again to clear the lint from the dryer when switching laundry, than to do it myself. So when I pull what looks like a blue rabbit pelt from the lint trap, I've just been throwing it out, and thanking him for DOING the laundry in the first place.

I don't nag because it's fun, or it makes me happy. When I do it, I think I am educating, or reinforcing previous discussions. It seems from what Gretchen is saying, that nagging really only serves to make ME unhappier. Oh, yeah, I guess it's not helping DH's happiness meter either.

So, I think I'll try to continue with #9, and pick up some of the other tips in her blog. What have I got to lose, other than some dryer lint?


  1. Not sure what number it is, but I have a feeling "DH cleaning out the lint without even being asked!" might very well lurk on that list somewhere! I'll see what I can do to test the theory.

    I love that you're taking on happiness as a concrete goal. Nobody knows better than me that when you set your mind to something, more likely than not it'll come to pass. Me, I'm happy just watching you discover and share your discoveries with us.

  2. DH has a point. I know I could do more to prevent the nagging, and Maggie could do more to keep form nagging.

    It takes far more energy to worry then it does to just do something. I have found that when it comes to cleaning Men are from mars Women are from Neptune.

  3. Heh...Mars must be a really linty planet ;-)

    And look at me, I found a way to remind DH to check the dryer lint trap--and I don't think it even counts as nagging!

    For my next exciting blog post...the "zen of vacuuming"!

  4. I know this is an old post, but just wanted to say that I really like the Happiness Project blog too!



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