Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You just know *that* is going in the blog....

So, Barley had to change into soccer clothes today, and when he stripped to put on his soccer shorts, we noticed he was wearing his older brother's underwear. Mischievous Barley just grinned when we pointed this out to him.

DH teased Barley, asking, "Are you going to start wearing MY underwear next, young man?!"

Barley gleefully proclaimed, "Nope! I'm going to start wearing MOM's underwear next--THEN yours!"

After we stopped guffawing, DH just looked at me and grinned, "Blog, right?" You betcha! I couldn't BUY material this funny!

Poor Barley, he's going to need therapy after he grows up and reads that I posted about this. Or when his brother reads it and teases him about it!

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