Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eight Awesome things about Barley

  1. He ROCKS at math--I am convinced he will be the one to finally teach me calculus some day so I can rid myself of guilt that has been riding me since high school.
  2. He draws awesome Chinese dragons.  I find it interesting how drawn he is to that style of dragon, while having no interest at all in the European style of dragon.
  3. He remembers things.  School announcements, dates of field trips, my age.  Information seems to stick to him, and he will offer up interesting tidbits, like how to tell if plants or bark are poisonous if you are lost in the woods.
  4. He loves pumpkin bread.  He's going to be very happy on Thanksgiving.
  5. He's a great snuggler.  Big enough to hug, but still small enough to be my baby.
  6. He knows lots of different bedtime kisses: Eskimo, butterfly, nose kisses, European style air kisses, klingon forehead rub.
  7. He likes to play the piano.  I love when he wanders over there to experiment on the keyboard.
  8. He's a super defender in soccer--we've had a great time watching his games!
 and one to grow on:
He really loves his brother and his parents 


Please enjoy this video of Barley's new favorite song:

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