Wednesday, November 4, 2009

It's all Orson Scott Card's fault

I can't blog for a while, because DH has finally persuaded me to read what may well be the most amazing Science Fiction series of ALL TIME: Orson Scott Card's ENDER Series.

I started reading Ender's Game last week some time, and have plowed through Ender's Shadow and Shadow of the Hegemon in about 2 days per book.  (Caution, the links take you to wikipedia, not Amazon.  Less commercial, but chock-full of spoilers).

I will have to drive into the office the next few days instead of working from home, as these books are just TOO tempting.

And really, I think the blame should also be shared by our friend John, who got DH hooked on it, even though he did not know that the term "ansible" (faster than light communication device) was really coined by another of my favorite authors: Ursula LeGuin in Rocannon's World. While Card's writing is much more suspenseful and intricate, he delves into similar anthropological settings with science fiction twists.

Don't worry, I won't be gone forever.  There are only 7 more books published in the series, so I should be back online in about 2 weeks.  Unless I get the urge to stop reading and, I dunno, take care of my kids and do my job so I don't get fired, maybe?

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