Friday, January 22, 2010

I get my gray hair from my kids

Barley has an itchy back.  I was again scratching his back at bedtime, and thinking about how I have scratched his Dad's back for years, and commented to Barley that he inherited his father's itchy back gene.  I went on to comment that he got his hair, eyes, and skin color from me.

Teddy asked from his bed what he had gotten from whom.  His musicality is definitely from his Dad (my family and anyone subjected to my attempts at violin will agree).  His hair and skin color are also from DH, but his eyes are like mine.

In classic older brother hero worship, Barley declared he gets his sense of humor from his big brother!  Before I could clarify that genetics only works parent-to-child, not sideways, Barley started giggling, and warned, "Watch out, Mommy, you better hope you don't get Daddy's freckles!"  Teddy's guffaws added to the chorus of laughter in the room.

DH, offended when I relayed the conversation later, bemoaned his freckles to be greatly under-appreciated in our family.  Poor guy!


  1. I can't help it if my masses of wonderful, noble freckles can't be matched by any of you poor non-freckled people! But I'll try not to gloat too much!

  2. I must admit I am jealous, but this too shall pass.


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