Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Show Your Irish

My father, full-blooded Irishman that he was, used to say at every red stoplight, "Show your Irish."  Or it might have been "Show you're Irish."  I never asked him.  He grew up speaking Gaelic until his family moved to the US when he was school age.

He also taught me to pick up my baked potato, loaded with butter, and eat it like a piece of toast.  When I did this at a formal family gathering (I'm pretty sure the table was set with china and cloth napkins), one of the old aunts at the table commented, "She certainly likes her potatoes, doesn't she?"

Oblivious to any reproach or sarcasm, if there was any, I turned and grinned at her, repeating one of Dad's favorite phrases, "You can't be Irish if you don't like potatoes!"

Picture a 100% Korean 8-year old face saying this, and you'll really get the full picture.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!


  1. If only we knew how to savor and enjoy those good times when the happened

  2. I remember, "Russian Red, show your/you're Irish" So does Jack, I even repeated it as recently as this past weekend.


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