Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy EASTER (candy)!

The boys will wake to 2 trails of foil-wrapped chocolate eggs in front of their bedroom door, leading down our stairs to diverge at the bottom.  By following the separate trails, they will discover their Easter baskets hidden in the living or TV room. 

We suspect they know the truth about the Easter Bunny at this point, but telltale packaging has been discarded just to be safe.  The baskets are new this year, thanks to a traumatic Saturday morning Easter Egg Hunt at the park, wherein Barley found only one egg.  There were more to be had, but a special prize was hidden inside a "golden" egg.  He was so focused on finding this special one, he bypassed the others laying in plain sight.  Anyway, we usually re-use the Easter baskets from year to year (the Easter Bunny will collect them the night before and refill them...), but Barley was so upset at his poor results, the old basket was anathema to him now.

I believe any lingering disappointment over his missing candy haul will be wiped away when they find their baskets in the morning.

Hopefully the sugar high will be under control in time for church at 10:00am.  We have invited a friend to join us, as she has wanted to hear the Bell Choir, and I know Easter will be a special performance.  There is also a pot luck afterward, and another Egg Hunt.  That should be enough bribe to assure good behavior...we hope.

Happy Easter to you all!

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  1. We have now owned up to being the bunny to two of three kids. The third is still entranced to imagine the bunny leaving eggs -- this year, a limited number with dollar coins -- and the oldest of the other two has been threatened with certain death (and removal of all electronics from his brief life) if he outs us.


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