Monday, April 5, 2010

Why my coffee is cold in the morning

DH and I have trained taught the boys to make coffee in the morning--they are usually up 30 minutes earlier than we are, being motivated to get in some videogame time before the 8:00am ban.  We have a prescribed daily routine for 8:00am to 8:45am to get them and the designated drop-off parent out of the house in an orderly fashion on school days,

Some days, I grab my coffee and run out the door, leaving DH to supervise the boys as he gets himself ready for work.

On work-at-home days, I can keep the boys on task so he can shower and dress in peace.  Still in my robe, I come down, check on the boys, and remind them to turn off the videogames.  Their attention is then glued to the widescreen TV and a movie about  Agent Cody Banks.  They have to be prodded to get themselves food and eat it.

I get my coffee (Thanks, boys!) and start getting my oatmeal together.  I notice there is no clear counter space in the kitchen.  The dishwasher was not emptied yesterday, so a day's worth of dishes, cups, pots, pan are stacked on the side of the sink.  I start emptying, and filling, and realize the garbage is full.  Call over eldest son to take them out.  It will take him 2 trips to get both garbage and recyclables.

As he comes back in, I realize he is only wearing socks.  He doesn't want to bother with shoes, and I remind him he has to get shoes on anyway for school.  I check the feet of youngest son, and he is similarly unshod--I remind him to get his on.  Then I remind them to get stuff ready.  Got your books?  Any papers for me to sign?

Barley remembers now that he doesn't like what is being served for lunch today--can I make him a sandwich?  I have just thrown out the lunch meat of questionable age from the fridge, so PB&J is the only option.  I question Barley--any new kids in your class who are allergic to peanuts?  He shakes his head No.  With a close friend who is allergic, he is sensitive to this information.

The microwave is beeping at me, my oatmeal is ready, but of course I don't have time.  I am packing a lunch, rinsing grapes, reminding boys to put on shoes.  DH calls down asking if I have seen his belt.  No, I haven't.  Barley is looking for his new yo-yo. I haven't seen that either.

Finally, the boys are shod, jacketed, packed and ready to go.  DH has his keys in his hand, and as they are walking out the door, Teddy remembers he wanted to bring his Harry Potter book to school.  Upstairs, downstairs, kitchen, living room...finally it is found under a couch cushion.  They all troop out the door, and I lock the door behind them.

Back in the kitchen, my oatmeal has congealed and my coffee is cold.  Thank goodness for microwaves.

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