Monday, June 14, 2010

That's TEN lifesavers rolls, Dad!

The school year and soccer season have passed by in a 2-week BLUR of activity.  End of school year parties, field trips, and end of soccer season celebrations have our family running on a 2-week sleep deprivation state.  Hopefully the summer routine will kick in soon.  Except, summer doesn't have much of a routine.  Between camping trips, 4th of July weekend, and horizon-expanding summer camp experimentation, every week looks completely different from the last.  We all just have to strap in and enjoy the ride.  Most of the craziness is from fun and positive experiences.  It would just be easier to relax if DH and I didn't have to keep working and paying bills while we were at it.

Anyway, there have been two very good news items I meant to share with you all.

The first is that soccer ended on a positive note!  While Barley has been spending time as goalie, and has the instincts of a Defender, he  does still play Forward occasionally.  When he does, he has previously lacked the confidence/aggression to go to the goal.  He'll kick it to the other team's side, but then hangs back instead of following the ball to the goal.

As an extra motivator, some of the parents have offered their children cash rewards for goals kicked.  Some of the more savvy players have attempted to negotiate fees for assists, or goals blocked as well, since these are just as important.  They are right--but we've stood firm--actual goals kicked in by yourself.  Fortunately, there have not been enough instances of ball-hogging that these have been a problem thus far.

We've had that standing deal with Barley for a full year, and he hasn't collected yet.  DH changed the offer a few weeks ago, to 5 rolls of the old-fashioned hard lifesavers candies.  We recently re-discovered them.  Mostly you see the soft gummy versions these days.  DH would dole out one single lifesaver at the start of each game, and told Barley that if he kicked in a goal, he would earn 5 entire rolls all for himself!  (Note, this is cheaper than $5, but I think the concrete idea of that much sugar was more of an enticement)

Well, he did it.  Not once, but TWICE.  The very last game of the Finals, he attempted to pass to a teammate, and it went into the goal "by accident".  One week later, a scrimmage against a new team forming for Fall, and Barley did it again.  Yes, that's TEN rolls of Lifesavers hard candy.  Teddy instantly claimed his cut of 40%--4 rolls for him, 6 for Barley.  (They often pool funds and goodies--one sign that their relationship still has some substance as Teddy enters the Tween/Teen years)

The other delightful news is that Teddy made Honor Roll again!  He was utterly surprised, having expected his math grades would keep him off the list.  He'd even told me not to worry about it when I told him I couldn't make the awards ceremony due to work.  (Of course, the Asian mommy in me notices that he had all A's in all his other subjects, and if not for the B- in math, he could have been on Principal's List...) Still, I am glad he made it, since he had not done so in Winter.

Barley also brought home an excellent report card.  His academic marks were always strong, but we were glad to note his behavioral marks were all "S"s for "Satisfactory".  While our friends praised their daughter for her "O"s for "Outstanding", DH and I are grateful for the gains Barley has made this year.

And now on to summer camp...

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  1. Congrats on the goals and the life saver and honor rolls.


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