Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Blessings of Stress, Part 2 of 2

Yesterday's post was already too long, so I saved this part for today.  Here are some other stresses dogging me lately:
  1. My work is evolving in such a way as to push my career in a new direction, which I don't oppose completely.  However, growth comes with growing pains, and I am definitely operating outside my comfort zone, trying to take on more responsibility in areas I don't really have direct experience for.  We're going to find out just how fast a study I can really be.
  2. DH's job is increasing in hours, which puts more strain on the family, as he has to shed some of his after-school care duties.
  3. Barley's emotional issues continue.  We get a little more insightful week-by-week on how to manage his moods, and we have a prescription that we are in the process of getting rubber-stamped by our HMO so it will be covered.  That should be interesting.
The Blessings that I can count in the above:
  1. I have work, and it is growing.  There is a risk in moving to new areas of responsibility, and my typical fear-of-failure anxieties are kicking in.  However, there is no sign of work slowing to the point of layoff, and when other people I know are unemployed or worried about becoming so, this growth-stress is better.
  2. DH is bringing in more money recently, which is helpful considering issues with Barley
  3. We are trying more strategies to help Barley control his temper.  Recent incentives in place to reward him when he reins in the anger are helping, and we have this prescription that might help
Bonus blessings I must remember to count:
  1. Barley gets his homework done in school and at after-school care.  When all the other 4th grade parents are commenting about their children's struggles with the increased homework load, we are barely even seeing Barley's textbooks.
  2. After a rough couple of weeks, with frequent calls from his teacher about missing homework, Teddy seems to be pulling it together.  We are receiving calls from friends about homework in the evening, but so far, Teddy and Barley have each only had to make 1 call.
  3. Knock on wood--everyone is healthy for the moment
I remember reading some saying years ago, about being grateful for mundane things, like, "Be grateful for dirty dishes, this means you have had food to eat".  I am trying to be better about these things.

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