Tuesday, September 14, 2010

He's Bilingual

In lieu of part 2 of the sweater saga, which is suffering from photographic technical difficulties, I will share this funny story overheard this week:

A worker of Mexican heritage is being represented in a matter by an attorney, and an interpreter.  The opposing party (OP), irritated at the presence (and expense) of both the interpreter and the attorney, decides to try to prove the worker is faking his lack of English. 

OP: How could you have filled in these forms if you don't speak/read/write English?

Worker (through interpreter): There are instructions in Spanish for each space

OP: So, how could you write the answers in English?

Worker's attorney: Could you show me where you believe he has written in English? 

OP: He wrote his address!

Worker's attorney: I see.  So, "San Jose" and "Santa Clara" couldn't be understood by a Spanish speaker?

OP, sensing he is losing the battle: Well, what about the numbers, then?!

Worker's attorney: I believe those are arabic numerals...

1 comment:

  1. Aha! He's tri-lingual, what with also knowing Arabic. Aha!


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