Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resolutions Revisited

So, in the theme of "Less is More", I resolved 3 things this year.  Here's the update on how I'm doing:
  1. Weight Loss: no progress at all.  My early success in getting to the gym 2-3X per week lasted almost 5 weeks, but then got sidelined by a bad respiratory infection.  Then work got hairy, and when I've had a few breathers from that, soccer schedule kicked in, and let's face it, I've gotten lazy.  I made it to the gym once this week and last.  I'm also trying to kick some of the sugar habit, but have already punted starting that diet limit 2 days in a row.  Will keep trying to do better.
  2. Clearing Clutter: Made some progress here.  We've donated 8 paper grocery bags of books, and I have more in a box to send to my niece for her son and nephew.  Of course, it wasn't until I was literally tripping over the books as I got out of bed that I was motivated to get rid of them.  Gone are books the boys are too old for, books they've read and won't reread, and books we bought with good intentions of edifying ourselves, but just could not get into after the first few pages.  DH and I are true librophiles, so this was not an easy process.  But now the books we really love have room on our bookshelves, and the ones we don't love will have a chance to be loved elsewhere.  The children's school teachers, after-school care center, and Friends of the Library are the lucky recipients.
  3. Finishing Projects: Definite progress here.  In the last 3 months, I've completed the following:
    • 1 pair of socks for each son
    • New fleece jacket for Teddy to replace the one he lost (grrr)
    • Lengthened bathrobes for both boys (they are growing so dang fast!)
    • My brother's sweater
Of course, in the true spirit of a project starter, not finisher, I've already started:
  • a pair of socks for DH
  • a sweater for DH
  • bought fabric for a jacket for Barley
  • a pair of slippers for my sister-in-law
  • bought wool for a watchcap for my brother
  • etc.
  • etc.
The list above reminds me of this funny video posted on Franklin Habit's blog.  All knitters and most crafters of any kind will appreciate the humor and challenge of hand-made gifts.

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  1. Loved the cartoon! I have never gotten into making hand made gifts because my family wouldn't have appreciated them.


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