Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Maturity, where art thou?

So, they say girls mature faster than boys.  Having been a girl, I am willing to prescribe to that sexist generalization.  We had an illustration of it on the first day of school.  Both Teddy and his friend Kay were supposed to be in Band.  Neither of them were assigned to Band in their schedule.

During her first break,  Kay went to the band teacher , whom they both knew from the previous year, and requested his help in fixing her schedule.  She had the right classes and teachers by the end of Day 1.

Teddy, also noticing he was missing Band, completed the first day of wrong schedule, and came home.  When we asked about Band (he didn't volunteer that he'd gotten the wrong class), he told us he figured we (us parents) had missed some deadline over the summer, and he planned to come home and complain to us about the mix-up.

After much reminding and haranguing, Teddy spoke to enough people that he got his schedule straightened Thursday.  He spent 3 days of his first week of school attending the wrong classes.  Yup, 3 of his teachers from Day 1 were no longer his teachers, and he was now 3 days behind in those new classes.

Sigh.  My girlfriend with 2 sons, one graduating high school this year, assures me that while it may appear that boys  take longer to mature, they do eventually catch up.

You know, Jr. High and High School were tough the first time around...


  1. Well, not all girls are that me :-) And it's my perception that dealing with the social side is easier with boys. They get angry, they shove, then they go play ball & all is forgiven. Girls will go silent and not tell why they're angry thus confusing the heck out of the one who did the supposed transgression. All I can do is be supportive since she has to figure out if the silent one is worth being a friend to anymore. I think the decision was already made for her, but yeah, parenting ain't for sissies.

  2. My "boy" is 41 and is still trying to figure out life.

    Some days I don't think the 67 year old "boy" I'm married to gets it either.


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