Monday, October 31, 2011

The Great Halloween Candy Negotiation

The boys have finished their appointed rounds, and the loot is spread out on the kitchen table.  Sorting has begun, with each designating a pile of potential trade items.  Barley's pile is bigger, since his braces eliminate all gooey, chewy items, and also anything with nuts (they break into little particles that get wedged in the appliance).

Somehow, Teddy scored one big candy bar that Barley did not, so the offer and counter-offers begin.  Deals are made with a seriousness that would not be out of place at billion dollar corporate merger.  Once all parties are satisfied, the true candy rejects head for either the garbage can (smashed, unwrapped candy, or broken lollipops), or the better pieces get recirculated in the candy bowl for future supplicants at the door.  Maybe the candy corn and twizzlers will find a happy home with one of them.

The candy jars are wiped of dust that covers the bottoms, after the long dry summer candy-free season.  They are replenished with sugar to kick off the long winter sugar season:  Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter.  Thus the cycle begins anew, ending, beginning, thus it will always be.  Amen.

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