Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Project Managing Christmas

The first Christmas card has arrived in the mail today.  I knew it was coming soon.  Some people are so organized they are ready to drop them in the mail the day after Thanksgiving. (showoffs!)  I aspire to be so organized, but have not managed this feat yet.  I do have the photo cards printed out, so 2 of the 10 steps to getting my cards in the mail are done, at least.

The arrival of the card triggered the mounting anxiety I always feel this time of year (shall we call it a theme?  does that sound better than "I repeat myself every year"?), so I am trying to find ways to enjoy the holidays more and stress less.

I realized part of the issue is that that are dozens of tasks to be completed before the new year, and the Type A in me wants them all to be DONE  NOW.  Since some of them can't even be started until after Christmas (like cleaning for the New Year's Eve party), I need to live with these "to-do" items.

I realized a project schedule would be a big help.  If I can see that things will get done, even if not right this second, and I am not behind on anything, then maybe I will be able to let go.  This year has the bonus of an extra weekend after Thanksgiving, before December actually begins, so I have another whole week!  Barley's birthday party is out of the way, and it's not even December yet!

I am also delegating, having assigned the Christmas cookie exchange to DH, and hired out the housecleaning for the party.  That helps.

Milestones ahead:

This weekend: Cards out, Tree in
Next weekend: Outside lights on
The weekend after that: Indoor decor done

If we manage that, then I may be able to start relaxing a little by December 17th, and firmly set aside New Year's Eve party worries until Dec. 26.  That would be 9 whole days of enjoying the holiday--wow, that would be great!

I feel like I am forgetting something though...oh, right, oldest son's birthday after Christmas, before New Year's, must be planned...dang!  OK, just pass the chocolate now, will you?


  1. I stopped sending cards years ago. I still get a few. Got one yesterday as a mater of fact. One year I sent "spring" cards. It was fun, but I don't think the recipients understood.

  2. My only question is will you clean the house before the cleaning person comes so they won't think that you keep a dity house as your Grandmother would do!!

  3. @Merikay: I have ulterior motives for continuing to send cards. I love *getting* them, which means I should send them as well.

    @Anonymous: well, "clean" is probably too strong a word for it. We will prepare the house by clearing enough of the walkways to reduce the likelihood of injury. If they can't reach the furniture, they won't be able to clean. But I am past caring what they think of my standards. Better the house cleaners know we are slobs, than our guests.


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