Sunday, December 1, 2013

Doing Less for the Holidays

We are back from Thanksgiving travel to visit family.  We saw relatives we haven't seen in 5 years or a decade, and my sons met cousins they've never seen before.  It was lovely to reconnect with so many.  FB is a great way to maintain relationships over distances, but it's a bit like an artificial lung, isn't it?  Never quite as good as really being there, and hugging your loved ones in person!

Now I am looking down the barrel of the usual holiday craziness with:
  • 3 holiday concerts
  • 2 holiday plays
  • 2 kids birthday parties to plan and execute
  • Christmas
  • 2 office Christmas parties
  • Christmas cookie baking exchange
  • New Year's Eve party
  • 2 holiday gatherings with friends
 Schedule conflicts have already eliminated 2 more Christmas gatherings from my calendar, and frankly, I am a bit relieved.

I am tempted to ditch 3 other standard holiday activities:
  • Christmas cards are looking unlikely this year.  Every other year is good enough, right?
  • The tree, if we ever get one, will be up for only 2 weeks.  That hardly seems worth the bother, right?
  • Persimmons? Not this year.
So, strap in, and we'll see how this goes!  I hope all of you are able to take some time and *enjoy* the season amidst all the crazy!

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