Monday, May 5, 2014

Living In the Future

I started this post a few weeks ago--finally finishing it.

I am *finally* on vacation.  It's been long overdue.  Last time I took off more than one day+weekend was in November.  Work has been busy, life has been busy, what else is new?

I am noticing a habit that I have, and am interested to hear if anyone else does this.  I live in the future in many ways, both grand and minor.
  • On my way in to work, I am thinking about what I will have for lunch: salad, or something heartier?  at my desk for max productivity, or try to book a friend?
  • About 2pm, I start wondering about dinner...takeout or cook at home?
  • On Thursday, I am thinking about the weekend already.  Usually cataloging the long list for the "weekend chore-a-thon"
  • On Saturday, I am thinking about what is coming up the following week at work, anticipating deadlines, working out carpool schedules in my head
Much of this is a good thing.  This long-range thinking allows me to foresee potential problems and take steps to work around them.  It is what makes me a kick-butt Project Manager.  I can credit this habit of thinking for anything I have ever achieved in my life.

But I recently noticed that it kills some of the joy of being "in the moment".  One Saturday afternoon I was so stressed about the coming week that it felt like Sunday evening.  I had completely skipped over the rest of my Saturday, lost all of Sunday and gone right to Monday morning.

I know someone who is very "in-the-moment".  He could not hold onto a grudge if it had handles.  This frustrated him as a child, when he wanted to stay mad at his parents or his brother, and could not hang onto that feeling. It would just slip away and he would get bored of pouting and life would go on. 

The upside to this is that he is one of the happiest, and nicest, people I know, and very easy to get along with.  The downside is that he is not very organized, and often fails to anticipate things he will need even a mere 5 minutes in the future.  Lots of return trips to get things he has forgotten.

While I shake my head at his lack of planning, I do very much envy his ability to enjoy his life as it happens.  I am trying, daily, to savor the moments of joy that come along--and they are many.  I live a blessed life, with a healthy family, if not quite wealthy, certainly comfortable.  Wise?  Working on it!

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  1. My husband hates to discuss anything that might resemble a plan. Most of his projects around home involve many trips to the store because he hates to think beyond the step he is involved in. He refuses to discuss "what ifs" saint that it is a wage of time and energy. I find this all very frustrating. He is not a particularly happy man. He did well in the computer world because he could focus so completely on one fast at a time.

    I live in the now, but think about the future all of the time.


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