Wednesday, February 25, 2009

He makes us so proud

OK, so there are times when the boys don't make us totally crazy. In fact, there are times when they make us really, really proud of them, and restore our faith that they are in fact good, nice people and deserve all the effort and money we are spending on them.

Tonight was the cub scout Blue and Gold dinner. The pack does a drawing for a door prize at the end, which the kids all look forward to. Since I attended the parent planning meeting the week before, Teddy and Barley get an extra ticket each.

Teddy's friend E had lost his ticket during the evening, and was bummed that he would not be able to participate in the lottery. When the pack leader gave Teddy his second ticket, he turned and gave it to his friend E without even a second's thought. DH and I were glad to have been paying attention to catch that act of kindness. Neither of them won, but we felt like we had.

Another mutual friend, who had just been bemoaning his parent's inability to attend the parent meetings (thereby never garnering him a second precious door prize ticket) won in fact. And after picking his prize, gave it to Barley by the end of the evening. Our whole table was full of kindness that night.

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