Saturday, March 7, 2009

I'm "It"

Started the day with a walk with my friend, her daughter, and my son (10). We've been doing these weekend walks for several years now, and I cherish the routine when busy Valley schedules allow it to come together. A vigorous, hilly hike (75 min) in the morning chill, outstanding views sprinkled in, and the chance to catch up with my girlfriend after a stressful week. The ending reward is a delicious and unique breakfast cooked up at her parents' house. The kids have just recently started joining us, and their fresh perspective and enthusiasm has changed the tenor of the walks. They notice much more than we do, and closer to the ground.  They started a game of tag today, but with only 4 of us and a narrow trail, it was a little predictable. Also, having to run to tag someone, or avoid being tagged, disrupted the relaxing pace we'd been following, so the adults called the game to an end. I only wish we had done so before I got stuck being "it"--sigh

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