Sunday, March 8, 2009

Another good day--and blueberries on the way!

Had another good day of digging in the dirt. Backbreaking stuff--grateful for having a job that has me sitting on my butt in front of a keyboard most of the day.

Picked up another blueberry bush from a friend, and toured her magnificent house. She gave me a Misty, so my bushes are Oneal, Misty, Chandler from the door to the fence. (This info is for me later when dementia sets in, I don't expect you all are interested to this level of detail).

Anyway, I rectified my gardening gloves blunder by picking up another pair for Barley, and found inexpensive hand tools so the boys could each have a set ($4--that, I can afford!). Then we dug out holes for the remaining 2 blueberry bushes. Both boys helped with moving dirt, breaking the clay chunks into more manageable bits, digging out rocks, and bringing out juice packs and cookies. Hey, it's a different experience when kids are involved!

They both stuck with it for over an hour. Who would have expected that Barley, who used to freak out when even one speck of dirt touched his hand (ask me sometime about our first camping trip) would enjoy it so much? I put Teddy nominally in charge of filling in the first hole with layers of mixed soil. The two discussed, disagreed, took turns with the branch trimmer (for cutting through roots), argued about which dirt to put in next, but overall managed to work/play together quite well. Made me wish we had more dirt to plant stuff in. Who knows? Maybe it would be worth it to build that raised bed in the side yard I was fantasizing about.

Daylight savings time helped us get done. This morning, it seemed like half the day was gone before I was really ready for it. In the evening, though, the light lasted later, so we had time to finish before it was totally pitch black out.

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