Monday, March 9, 2009

Earthboxes galore

My helpful gardening friend (of the blueberry bush giving nature) offered me the chance to get in on a group buy of these cool Earthboxes for just $35 incl. shipping:

Was thinking of trying this homemade version before this deal presented itself:

I told the boys they could each have one of their own to plant for the summer. Barley has decided on carrots, but he may have to choose something else as that may be too deep-rooted for this. Teddy is going to plant tomatoes (cuz he likes them on sandwiches, and I never buy any since the adults in the house don't care for them). When I tried to suggest we also plant some of the vegetables most frequently consumed by us (snow peas, cucumbers, strawberries) they informed me that I should maybe get my own. OK, so something about not going over $100 on the venture keeps me from jumping on that idea. Also, I have a feeling I may inherit 2 earthboxes if the novelty of gardening wears off, despite the kid-size gardening gloves.

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