Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crazy Tuesdays

Got a lot of work done today. Or a fair amount. Or tried my best, anyway. Barley tried to sneak into my office on his belly again. When I am working from home, once he arrives from school, he always tries to sneak up on me while I am on the phone or computer. Sometimes he just gives me a silent sneaky kiss on the cheek (don't tell the people on the conference call that I just kissed you, Mommy...), and sometimes he just grins up at me from the floor like a lumpy mischievous rug.

Teddy had his usual crazy Tuesday, with a bare hour to eat snack and get homework done (or avoid it anyhow) before it was time to go to Lego Robotics (WAY cool, btw), and then a scant 30 minutes to get home from that, eat his fast food dinner, change into his uniform, and answer the door when the cub scouts arrive. Bedtime once they leave. Phew. And the kid's still in elementary school! We've cut back on other activities, so only Tuesdays are insane like this.

Then the kitchen faucet died today. Luckily it gave up the ghost AFTER I had finished excavating all the dirty dishes from the weekend. The plumber arrived quickly, turned off the water before we emptied the county reservoir, and installed the shiny new fixture. Went pretty smoothly overall.

Oh, and btw, there is a recorder concert at school tomorrow morning! Thank heavens for an understanding manager with young children of her own. And web conferencing and high-speed internet at home. I couldn't do all this and stay employed otherwise! And staying employed is very, very important to my lifestyle.

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