Monday, April 20, 2009

Defies logic

How is it, that the same child who has to be reminded ALL winter long to take his coat, and then grudgingly carries it over one arm even in the coldest weather (all right, it's California, so how cold can it really be?)... anyway, that same child, today--when it was sweltering in the morning as we left the house, put on a long-sleeved shirt and WORE the same fleece-lined raincoat he carried all winter. The temperature today hit 95, and there is a heat warning out for the area.

Report on how he spent his time at recess today:

Half the time I was drinking at the water fountain. Half of the other time, I was in the bathroom, and the other time I was standing in line waiting to go back in the classroom. It was HOT today!

Weather report says more of the same tomorrow.

We snuck in after bedtime and stole all Barley's long-sleeve shirts. Hah--that'll show him!

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