Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Kite Runner Premier in San Jose

Heartbreaking, and haunting. And a tiny bit of hope at the end. We saw Kite Runner at the San Jose Rep a few weeks ago. And renewed our season tickets that night. We were going to anyway, but we were checking out the upper level seats trying to save some money--the economy has us all a bit nervous. But like every time before, the show left us stunned, and thinking about hard things in life, and how people make choices and grow beyond their mistakes. We want to be up close for all of it.

It was not an easy play to see. I think it helped a little that I knew the plot before going in. Being surprised by the major events would have been pretty emotional. I understand the movie is more intense in some ways, actually showing some of the trauma onscreen, rather than offstage.

This is not a large theater--most all the seats are pretty good. Get there a little early--there is a photo gallery display on the second floor. And you can click this link to download the study guide to read ahead, if the book itself is too much.

A friend recommended the book Three Cups of Tea as a more upbeat chaser to the play. Perhaps. Have your checkbook ready when you are done. And count your blessings--even in a bad economy we have it pretty good here.

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