Sunday, June 14, 2009

Post Teddy Day

Poor Teddy. His day did not work out as he had hoped. He and his brother had some issues in the morning that resulted in his losing the chance to pick where we had lunch. He got peanut butter & jelly at home instead.

The much anticipated Dungeons & Dragons session didn't work out when one friend could not make it. We did have E come over for a playdate, so that part was good. And he got to pick where we went for dinner. I left my purse at the restaurant, but that was this morning's adventure--dinner last night was fine.

And Teddy and his Dad headed out to the park's Bugged Out Movie night, featuring a talk by an entomologist, and 50's era black/white horror movie Them, featuring a plot of gigantic attacking ants. Barley and I stayed home, watching old Avatar episodes and filling our bellies with popcorn. We knew the giant ants theme would be too much for Barley.

Turned out it was a bit too much for Teddy too. He and DH arrived back home before the end of the movie. Sitting in an old barn late at night, and seeing a dead body in one scene, spooked Teddy so much he asked to leave. We tried to lighten the mood a little, joking about the poor actor who had to play the stiff. His eyes had been open, so he must have blinked a lot on accident and required multiple takes.

Teddy tried to laugh with us, but even at 10:30 at night (hours after his usual bedtime)--he ended up sleeping in our bed, with me NEXT TO HIM. My job was to be a warm breathing presence in the room. I even had to close the window because the traffic noises were creeping him out.

Fortunately, he woke up to sunshine this morning, and he had fully recovered.

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