Friday, June 12, 2009

Tomorrow is "Teddy Day"

We've been working on behavior issues with both boys, and decided to simplify the myriad consequences, rules, rewards, etc. to one simple marble jar. Each child has the chance to earn 3 marbles per day for good behavior: 1 for the morning, 1 for after school, and 1 for after dinner to bedtime. They are filling small glass jars with these marbles, and when the jar is filled all the way, they earn a day that is all theirs.

Teddy got there first, and Barley is a scant 2 days behind him. This has taken about 6 weeks, so the boys are VERY excited. There will be only one special day per weekend, so Teddy gets his day tomorrow, and Barley's will be next week. They are both OK with that, since the day is usually filled with kid-focused fun activities, and the sibling gets a free ride.

Teddy's plans so far include having 2 friends over to play Dungeons and Dragons. DH has been running the game for them, and I hover around doing dishes or whatnot, eavesdropping on their game. I could write a whole blog just on the D&D game, and probably will soon. Maybe tomorrow. The indoctrination of the next generation of nerds is in full swing!

Given that DH and I met as the result of D&D, I have no objection to introducing the game to the boys. It is a very creative outlet that encourages them to use their imaginations, and work together to kill trolls, er, solve problems. It is interesting to hear the group dynamics as the personality of each child shines through in all the negotiating.

In addition to D&D, Teddy will be able to pick where we have lunch, and influence the entree for dinner. Reasonable behavior is still required, and extreme rudeness or bad attitude can cause the special day to be cancelled. This has unfortunately happened in the past. Hopefully we won't have any problem tomorrow.

After dinner, Teddy and DH will be heading to the local park for "Bugged Out Movie night". The park service will have an entomologist do a presentation on ants, offer chocolate-covered ants for the adventurous, and then show the 1950's horror flick: Them. Free popcorn and lemonade is available, reservations required. DH was able to get the last 2 seats for Alex and him.

Barley and I will have our own popcorn and watch something much less creepy at home. I love the IDEA behind Bugged Out Movie Night, but horror flicks are not my thing. And exposing Barley to giant ants attacking people does not seem like it would help with future outdoor experiences. I understand one friend had a childhood experience with a frogman movie that scarred her for life...

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