Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Songs of The Jungle

So, Father's Day was relatively uneventful. We had traded it to Saturday to allow for "Barley Day" instead, as a reward for weeks of behavior management.

I had a bet with DH on whether the local indoor play space for kids would be packed or empty on Father's Day. DH figured most fathers would be celebrating with picnics or family outings. The cynic in me said that it was extremely hot out, and all the divorced Dads who had custody or visitation on Father's Day would want to upgrade the usual Saturday morning McD's play area experience with something a little more exciting.

I am happy to report that DH's more generous view of the state of fatherhood in the area proved correct. The Jungle was almost deserted. There was only 1 birthday party--usually there are closer to 10.

We settled in the downstairs pizza area where all the parents hang out. We had told the boys they had to eat their lunch before they disappeared with the tokens. In all, there were maybe 8 sets of parents waiting for kids, who were running through the Byzantine play structures, to come back occasionally in search of hydration, sustenance, and video tokens.

Our boys were sweatier and sweatier each time they returned. Ick.

DH and I had brought paperbacks with us, planning to read while waiting for the children to check back in. It was SO quiet, that had the plastic lawn chairs in the pizza area been replaced by lounge chairs, it might almost have been a poolside vacation. This is the most relaxed I have ever been at this place. There was even music playing in the background.


The music was, ummm, not really appropriate for the 12 and under set that The Jungle is aimed at. Here were some of the selections:
  • Tonight's the Night--Rod Stewart. (girl loses virginity)
  • Somebody's Baby--Jackson Browne (girl loses virginity)
  • Heart and Soul--Huey Lewis (basic booty call song)
Obviously selected by the teenagers working the food bar and prize booth (though you would think they would pick newer songs?), but it was a bit disconcerting. Fortunately, it was not very loud, and I am sure the children running amok on the play structures didn't notice.

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  1. A bit disconcerting? At least--I was expecting them to pop on Superfreak and make it a partay!


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