Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(word) Problems from Math Camp

Since I was working from home today, I was able to assist with the 2-places-at-once challenge of picking up children from different summer camps at the same time. I picked up Barley, freeing up DH to linger to speak with camp counselors when picking up Teddy this afternoon.

I was treated all the way home with 7-year old Barley challenging me to solve the math word problems he had solved during math camp. It was interesting, but I did complain to him that I had not signed up for math camp, and it was not fair to ambush me with word problems while I was driving!

Here are some samples, in case any of you want to try them. I had to solve 10 in 5 minutes because that is how long our commute was. To get maximum effect, try while driving in local traffic, with chatty kid in back seat, do all math in your head. Or not. (Answers at bottom)

1) If Grandfather is 96 years old, and his granddaughter Amy is one-twelfth of Grandpa's age, how old is Amy?

2) If Mommy is 4 years less than half of Grandpa's age, how old is Mommy?

3) If Daddy is an equal number of years older than Amy and younger than Grandpa, how old is Daddy?

For the record, I got them all right, and did not get into an accident on the way home. Yay me!

Answers: 8, 44, 52

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