Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Weird week in Face-book

It has been an odd week in social networking for me. Two friends of mine from completely different social contexts bumped into each other in my FB status update--turns out they knew each other in high school! That was fun.

Another old friend of mine from my high school days connected, and that was also nice. But a little odd because I had not spoken to him since college, when I contacted him in reaction to a stalking incident where someone invoked him name while calling me nightly in my dorm room. So, I was a little wary when he "friended" me, and tried to make sure it was really him before accepting. Happily, it was.

And then today I got a friend request from someone I knew in college, but it started off with, "I heard you were a Mental Case..." Ummm, OK, that's kind of weird. I did not accept, but I did reply that the greeting was a little odd. He replied back that, Hey, at least it got your attention, and don't worry, I'm normal now... Hmmmm.... I have not accepted yet.

So, I did a little Google-surfing, and found this very helpful webpage referencing articles on FB etiquette, privacy settings, and managing that blur between social and professional networking. Here is another one.

I have some reading to do.

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