Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am hoarse, how about you?

I had a great evening tonight hooking up with work friends from years ago. We're not going to tabulate the exact number of years, but there are 11 year-olds among our progeny whose parents weren't even married yet by the time we stopped working together. Not that we're getting older...just the kids are!

We had fun remembering the excitement of our past lives together, and enjoyed the relief of knowing those adrenalin-inducing projects and deadlines were in the past. What a pleasure to see how people are growing and changing. The most exciting news was that our chief reunion organizer is moving to India. That's going to make next year's reunion really hard to plan! We missed friends who were not able to join us, but we shared what insights we had on what they were up to these days.

Facebook was a big topic of discussion. Some of us are loving it, some are mystified, some are leery, and one is quitting cold turkey. I am one of the proponents, but I have to admit I have not figured out what role it should have in my life. There is a huge time sink potential that we all try to manage.

This is a big week of reconnecting for me! Last night, my sewing group assembled with all six local members showing up--this only happens a few times a year when the stars align properly. Tomorrow, I get to meet an even older friend from high school days.

I love re-connecting with people I care about, and just wish we all lived together in one big commune. A short walk and a borrowed cup of sugar away, so we could share all the details of each other's lives. I've never been into watching soap operas on TV, but somehow, I do enjoy the inane trivia we are all sharing on Facebook. I guess that is the attraction for me...the virtual neighborhood we are creating. Howdy, neighbors!

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  1. Its awful how a tool with the ability to connect us all is such a HUGE, small world can also be used to determie "What country's flag are you?" and other time wasting efforts.

    Use FB for the power of good I new topic!


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