Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing like...

waking up in the middle of the night needing to pee, only to realize that instead of being in your home where the bathroom is just a few carpeted steps are in the middle of the woods in a sleeping bag. You must now (hardest part) heave yourself off the air mattress without dislodging your spouse, pull on jeans, shove your feet into cold shoes, fumble your way to the opening of the tent, unzip and then rezip the opening, and guided only by your flashlight and the crunch of gravel, find the loo.

The good news? We're at a family campground that caters to mamby-pamby city folk like me & DH, so the bathroom is a real one with flush toilets, electric lights, and a sink stocked with liquid soap.

That moment of panic when I first woke up granted me instant empathy for my 7-year old when he had to wake me up in the middle of the night.

DH has a slightly different perspective on things. His blog (if he wrote one) would say:

Nothing like being woken by an elbow smashing into your face, followed by "Honey, Barley has to go the bathroom--you need to get up to take him!" Followed by all steps listed by wife in her blog, getting up from floor (not easy for me either), pull on jeans, blah, blah, blah...only to realize after the deed is done and we are back, that is is already daylight, and hey, he knows where the dang bathroom is, why did I have to get up anyway?....grumble, grumble, get back in bed and snore some more.

In my defense, I can offer only the following 3 statements:
  1. The elbow in his face was completely accidental
  2. Having sons means being excused from bathroom runs once toilet training is done
  3. I don't think clearly at 5 in the morning
Will blog more later. Too dang tired tonight.

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  1. City folk...hardy har har, I miss camping with nan and Pop every summer until I was around 10. Maggie won't camp unless it at a Marriott.


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