Thursday, September 3, 2009

You've probably seen this already...postscript

I am mainly posting this because I can't believe it is not already on this blog! I loved this when I first saw it on Geisha School Dropout's blog. She also posted the parody that came out a little later.

I love the song that plays in the background, which is "Forever" by Chris Brown. He has written a great, upbeat song, but apparently crashed his career with domestic violence. The bride in the wedding video is writing a PhD on domestic violence prevention, and the couple have set up this website to drive donations to charity.

Interestingly, while many people have seen the video through word-of-mouth, there is some controversy about whether the "viral" spread of the video was manufactured by Chris Brown's marketing forces.

Regardless, the wedding event itself, and the original video posted are genuine. If some PR genius uploaded another copy with an improved soundtrack, I don't really mind. It is a great upbeat video, and it makes me happy every time I replay it. So I am sharing it here for anyone left who has not seen it yet. And it seems appropriate to post on what would have been my parents' 50th wedding anniversary...

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