Wednesday, October 7, 2009

And the Cat Came Back the very next day...

A silly song from Cub Scouts has been running through my head about a cat that keeps coming back no matter what people do to get rid of it.  The lyrics are pretty violent for a kids' song, but I found some interesting historical background on the song on wikipedia.

This adorable little fellow below has been meowing our front door, and our back screen--even rubbing up against the door--leaving his scent maybe?

A friend's black cat went missing about a month ago, so I checked to see if this could be her cat.

I don't think it is--if you compare the 2 pictures, the cat in our yard has a more prominent forehead marking, and the whisker area is all black, not black and white.

Anyway, this particular cat has been seen in our neighborhood for a while now, and visits several of our backyards.

No collar that I can see, he is not skinny--not fat.  Seems very friendly, and is attracted to light.  We've been doing the "dark house" routine trying to discourage him from hanging around.  Kind of like you would do to a door-to-door salesman.

Teddy, who has been campaigning for a dog, begged to be allowed to go out and pet the cat "just once".  With DH's allergies, of course this is out of the question--much as I would love to adopt this guy myself.

Well, if anyone knows of someone looking for a cat that looks like this one, let us know.  I have a feeling he will be hanging around for a while...

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  1. Those are some mighty tough allergies if he can't pet the thing. Don't they make something like a hairless cat?


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