Thursday, October 29, 2009

Barley's first poem and some more

Autumn Leaves by Barley

Yellow and brown
falling down
Falling on the ground

The Pirate Song by Teddy

Let's get going,
Yo ho ho-ing
Let's get going, now!

Let's get going,
Yo ho ho-ing
That bad guy's slow as a cow!

Let's get going,
Yo ho ho-ing

(repeat ad nauseum...)

Statues by Mom Jomama, composed in my head at school pickup time

Living statues litter the schoolyard.
One or two outside each door,
Waiting for learners to be expelled
Only to return the next day.

There is a moment of stillness
as the breathing statues
empty their minds of errands,
conference calls, bills.
They await their charges
who must be taken home
and filled with snacks,
exhorted to do homework,
reminded to do chores
and loved.

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