Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's only wafer thin...

I think this happens everywhere in America.  Too many activities, not enough time.  I try to be thankful that the area we live in has so many opportunities for the boys, but there are days when I feel overwhelmed by all the choices.  I have no idea if my parents when through this struggle or not.  I remember being bored a lot when I was in elementary school.  Once I was done with homework, the options were play with the neighborhood kids or watch TV.  Then again, I do remember taking ballet/tap lessons, and Girl Scouts, and having to make a choice between these one year because they were on the same night.

Even though our weeks feel like marathons as we run from work to school to Cub Scouts/soccer/chorus, home, dinner, homework, bed, once the boys are down and we go over schedule and to-do list, I still feel guilty about the things we haven't fit in.

This past weekend, we managed quite a lot, and still I can list out 6 more things I wish we had gotten done--whether house chores, or fun/educational stuff for the boys.  I always feel like every afternoon of hanging out watching TV or playing video games is "wasted".  DH is better about reminding me that we all need down time, sometimes.

Here is what our schedule includes right now:
  • 2 working parents
  • Double cub scouts
  • Den Leader
  • chorus
  • church
  • soccer now / basketball in the winter
  • weekly online games like World of Warcraft
  • monthly role-playing for kids and adult

Activities I add to my own calendar when I see open space:
  • Sunday walks
  • sewing group
  • knitting group
  • book club
  • scrapbooking
  • hanging out with patient friends who don't mind seeing me at my most frazzled

What we wish we had time and $$ for:
  • piano lessons x 2
  • karate for Teddy
  • Lyceum gifted program
  • 3 hours of Korean school every Saturday
  • exercise 3 X per week
  • yoga
  • watching more movies together
  • heard there is a lot of great TV for grownups...but who has time?
  • San Jose Poetry Slam--whenever that might be
  • most of all...a puppy.  Which is a separate blog entry all by itself--whenever I get to it

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