Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Can we install that in my house?

My lovely Northwestern sister-in-law "Wren" sent me this video about making exercise more fun. Boy, could I totally use that in my house!

Following up on my earlier post about walking to my doctor appointments, I have resolved to start walking the kids to school more often.  I had it in my head that this was also a 15 minute walk, and determined to time it today.  I keep reviewing the schedule for time to get to the gym, and it is honestly just packed full.  I need little changes like this to build up to a bigger life change.

The boys barely complained at all--more like they had to give lip-service to complaining than really minding.

I've walked them home before, usually in the spring when things are warmer, and it has always been pleasant.  They point out to me where friends live, and like to look at the house that always has the most decorations on it.  Being so close to Halloween, we were able to check it out on the way to school today.

I've also noticed that they get hyper in the last 10 minutes before it is time to to walk out the door (and at bedtime, and after school...hmmm, transitions, maybe?)  Walking to school gives them a chance to burn some of that energy off.

It took 8 minutes (!) to get to the blacktop, 10 minutes for Barley's line which is on the backside of the building.  This included a little bit of monkeying around on the sidewalk on the way.  So, most of the time, when I've been shoving them in the car at 15 minutes to the bell, we would have had time to walk it instead.  Better for me, better for them, better for the environment.  I feel stupid for the past, but will do better in the future.

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