Friday, December 18, 2009

Cookies from the Queen

On the night when I was planning to bake 4 dozen cookies for a cookie exchange, Teddy asked me over dinner if I would please bake 2 dozen cookies for his class Christmas party the next day.  DH just watched for my reaction, since he already knew my plans to tackle a new cookie recipe that evening after the boys were down.

I was nonplussed, and asked Teddy if store-bought wouldn't be good enough?  After all, it's not like I am a baking mom who makes cookies all the time.  Usually class party obligations are met with whatever is at the store.  Teddy was adamant--the cookies I had made the previous week with the modified recipe off the bag of chips had to be the ones.

The crisis was averted when I realized I could press Teddy into service to help make the cookies for his class, and DH stepped in and supervised, freeing me to do other things instead.  The class party cookies made themselves as far as I was concerned.

I made the dough for my new cookies--I was inspired to make rugulach after chowing down on some a few years ago while visiting my brother.  Someone had brought them to the house, and they were really good.  I had read the recipe through several times, and gathered the ingredients ahead of time.  Somehow, in every reading, I missed the part about "refrigerate overnight".   Suddenly, my deadline of being done by 6:00pm departure time for dinner the next night loomed large.

I managed to get it all done anyway, and was rather proud of my efforts.  They did not taste the same as the ones I had eaten last year, but DH, Teddy, and my friend pronounced them quite edible.  The funniest part of the cookie adventures was when one of the exchange participants described her pinwheel cookies as being made from cream cheese, butter, and flour.

"Oh, just like rugulach!" I exclaimed!
Before I could mention what I had made, she responded, "Yes, but without the walnuts and raisins and stuff that I don't like."

It actually took me a minute to be sure I had heard her just insult my offering in our annual cookie trade.  When I sheepishly told her that I had made rugulach this year, she stopped mid-breath, tried to think of how to dig herself out, and said, "Oh, well...don't worry, I'll eat them.  I'm sure they will be great!"

Riiiiiight...and I'm the Queen of England.


  1. Ouchie. I'm guessing that your friend had similarily nice folks over for the exchange and that this woman feels HORRIBLE! (I'd eat your cookies 'cause they sound fab!)

  2. I never knw I was in the precence of royalty...*bow* M'lady.

  3. She did feel bad. Foot in mouth disease is terrible, especially when you have to endure the rest of the dinner with your friends razzing you for your faux-pas all night. Which we did, gleefully!

    The funny thing is, I kind of agree with her. I am not a huge walnut fan, so next time I will try almonds instead. And the recipe I used called for dried apricot, but they were a little dried out. Raisins soaked in water next time should be softer.


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