Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not too old to snuggle...

Illness, work, and stormy weather have contrived to keep me away from my blog.  Short bit for now, hope to catch up more this weekend.

Even at 11 and 8, the boys will still come and snuggle.  Teddy is less inclined to, as Tween independence starts to kick in.  Barley, on the other hand, will jump in the chair next to me whenever I am watching TV--which has been more often the last couple of weeks as DH and I have taken turns fighting off colds.

They are so large, that they no longer fit neatly on our laps.  They must sandwich in next to us, often requiring us to shift our positions to accommodate them.  Since the time when they will no longer want to do this is rapidly approaching, DH and I gladly make room.

These days will not last long--have to savor them while we can, even if it means losing the food network or football we were watching for yet another Spongebob episode.  Small price to pay.


  1. I think another Spongebob episode to watch is a rather large price to pay, but it is worth it, I agree.

  2. Alas, memories of the Korean wake up service and having to watch Saturday morning cartoons with a hangover!!! And now looking forward to more cartoons very soon

  3. Skip the hangover this time, Little BIG Grandpa!

  4. Well Little BIG brother seems to forget that he used toget annoyed a cartoons "What a time waster", and we can't even hug him without him getting all stand off-ish...and now writing fondly about it? Who are you? I keep looking for the pods in the yard...let me be the first to announce, the pod people are invading!

  5. John, your father hugged you when you were little. It might have seemed like just another headlock at the time, but that's affection for him. The only reason he didn't do that (much) to his little sisters is because we could always yell for Grandma...When she wasn't around he headlocked us to.

  6. That's why I think I have such a stub neck...preservation...thanks Darwin!


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